Teachers & Assistants

Ms. G

Manager Assistant and Art Teacher

  • 4 years teaching experience in art field, and 1 year of teaching english

  • Skilled in painting, sketching, sculpting and digital art

  • Participated in many national art competitions like Peace Pal International, scholastic Art, Doodle for google etc.

  • 4年艺术领域教学经验,1年英语教学经验

  • 擅长绘画、素描、雕刻和数字艺术

  • 参加过 Peace Pal International、scholastic Art、Doodle for google等多项全国性艺术比赛

Ms. Sandy

Art Teacher

  • Studying at University of Massachusetts Amherst, Primary major in Mathematics, Secondary major in Psychology

  • Working as a teaching assistant since February, 2019

  • 就读于马萨诸塞大学阿默斯特分校

  • 第一专业数学,第二专业心理学

  • 自2019年2月以来于101画室担任美术老师助教

Ms. Mollie

Art Teacher

  • Graduated from Bridgewater State University, majoring in Studio Art & Graphic Design.

  • Two featured works in "The Bridge" art magazine.

  • Skilled in drawing, oil and acrylic painting, digital art, and graphic design.

  • 3 years experience working with children from the ages of 5-14.

Ms. Chen

Art Teacher

  • Graduated from Montserrat College of Art, Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design, minor in Photography

  • 2 years experience in Web Design and in Branding Design

  • Art work display in 301 Gallery, Beverly

  • 毕业于蒙特塞拉特艺术学院,平面设计专业, 辅修摄影专业。

  • 两年网站设计经验,两年品牌设计经验

  • 參加过Beverly 301 Gallery艺术展

Ms. Peng

Art Teacher

  • Graduated from Boston University, majoring in visual arts

  • Art therapy certificate from New York University

  • Skilled in painting, printmaking, sketching and other different art forms

  • Artworks displayed in 5 art gallery shows

  • Participated in 2 international art projects and 1 domestic art project

  • 毕业于美国波士顿大学视觉艺术系版画专业

  • 曾获得美国纽约大学颁发的艺术治疗证书

  • 精通于油画,版画,素描等各种艺术形式

  • 作品曾参加过5次艺术展览

  • 曾参与两次国际性艺术项目和一次美国国内艺术项目交流

Ms. Zeng

Art Teacher

  • Studying at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, majoring communication design,

  • Working as a teaching assistant in 101 Art Studio from December 2018 to June 2019

  • Joined 2019-2020 Quincy Asian Resource Inc.’s U&I Mentoring Program, working as a mentor for middle school students

  • 就读于麻省艺术与设计学院,传媒设计

  • 2018年12月至2019年6月于101画室担任助教

  • 2019至2020年参加过Quincy Asian Resource Inc.’s U&I Mentoring计划并担任导师

Yuting Chen

Art Teacher

  • Study in Massachusetts College of Art and Design, majoring in Illustration.

  • Participated in the Handel and Haydn Society: The Creation Project

  • Skilled in digital art, charcoal and ceramic

  • 1.5 year experience working with kids from K-6

  • 就读于麻省艺术与设计,插画专业。参加过 Handel and Haydn Society 项目

  • 擅长数字艺术,素描,陶艺。一年半教学经历(K-6年级)

Ms. Su

Teaching Assistant

  • Started working in 101 Art Studio as of 2022

  • Enrolled in Honors Art at school

  • Has won several art awards

  • Can use different mediums of art but usually sticks to painting+sketching

  • Patient with kids

  • Able to speak fluent Chinese and English

  • was a previous/current student at 101 art studio.

Ms. Mei

Teaching Assistant

  • Participated in competitions local and national: Quincy ArtFest, Doodle for Google, and scholastic Art Awards (awarded 2 Honorable Mentions, 2 Silver Keys, 2 Gold Keys)

  • Skills in painting: watercolor, acrylic and gouache.

  • Skills in drawing: charcoal and graphite

  • Skilled in digital art and design

  • Currently has comics sold in store

  • 20 months of teaching and tutoring children in person and online

Christina Hu

Art Assistant

  • Study at Boston University, majoring in Education and Human Development.

  • Have passion in drawing and art.

  • Have 3 year high school experience working with children from k-8.

  • 就读于波士顿大学, 专业是教育与人类发展学, 热爱画画与美术

  • 高中时期有三年对k-8年级学生的教学经历

XiaoYan Huang


Excellent Youth Worker Award

Winner of 2021

Ebony Lake


Excellent Youth Worker Award

Winner of 2021

Tingting Ruan


Honor Outstanding Volunteer Award

Winner of 2021

Nicola Ling


Hoang Nguyen (Iris)


Ariana Pearce


Esther Li


Grainne Oflaherty