About | 画室简介

101 Art Studio is the place where you can learn and enjoy art! Art develops your aesthetic sense and gives you the power to heal. Established in 2018 , our studio has earned a great reputation nationally for art education. Our students of all ages have attended various art competitions and won many awards.

Our team has been devoted to designing the unique and effective courses for every student. We provide a variety of art activities for kids and adults who want to inspire and nurture their creativity.

Teachers & Assistants

Ms. Zhou

Suppervisor and Lead Art Teacher

  • Achieved the Distinguish Art Teacher Awards, United States Art Contest, 2019 and 2021.

  • Mentored 101 art studio teachers, training many strong art teachers who work at studios, and in our communities since 2018.

  • Evaluated as a Proficient art teacher, by Boston Public Schools 2017-2018.

  • Worked as a Lead teacher at 101 Art Studio since 2018.

  • Worked as an art educator in the United States and China for 10+ years,

  • Master of Art Education (MFA) in Studio Teaching at Boston University (BU), 2015,

  • BFA in Painting, the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, 2012,

  • Group art shows and solo art shows in both United States and China.

  • 2019 年和 2021 年美国艺术大赛获得杰出艺术教师奖。

  • 美术教师导师。培训了很多优异的美术老师在101画室教职和服务社区。

  • 曾在波士顿公立学校任职,获得精通等级教师评估。

  • 中美两国任教十几年。

  • 波士顿大学工作室教学的艺术教育硕士学位, 2015。

  • 马萨诸塞州艺术与设计学院获得了绘画艺术学士学位, 2012

  • 绘画作品在中美参加艺术家群展及个人展。并有作品被收藏。

Ms. Hu

Assistant Manager

  • Bachelor's degree in Basic Pharmacy from China Pharmaceutical University.

  • Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences From Northeastern University.

  • Because of her passion for art, Ms. Hu joined 101 art studio in 2019 and is now working as assistant manager.

  • 毕业于中国药科大学基础药学专业

  • 在东北大学取得药学博士学位。

  • 热爱艺术,于2019年加入101画室。现担任画室助理经理。